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Feedback from our customers:

I can't wear it out without someone asking me "Where did you get that awesome shirt?!?!"

You have made turning 40 in a few weeks more bearable!

My husband is jealous of my “I used to be cool” T-shirt and wants one for himself.

Thanks for coming up with such a WONDERFUL idea for a gift!


My 15 yr old daughter rolled her eyes like it was not cool though.  Haa.

All of my friends will be wearing them when we go to Las Vegas!!

I can't wait to wear it on the soccer field.  Yep, I have a minivan and I am a soccer mom!  Double strike on the coolness factor.

Just want to let you know that my husband will be wearing your "I used to be cool now I'm 40" shirt at Bonnaroo!

Oh my lord, I am loving your website. It is made for me and my girlfriends.

I know my wife will LOVE the shirt - it captures exactly how she is feeling now.

3 of my best girlfriends are turning 40 within the next 4 weeks!  They're all getting your shirts!!!

Thanks, Shannon, for the personal service. What a breath of fresh air!!

Your bumper sticker is fantastic and I cannot wait to put it on my new van, which will make me feel a little better about having to drive one:-)

I Used to Be Cool

Not so long ago, I was cool.  I traveled all around the country and Central America.  I camped and hiked and rock-climbed and skied.  I did the National Parks Loop in the Southwest at least once every year. I crashed wherever my head landed and I did whatever I wanted.  I met my husband when I was 32.  For a few years we were a super-cool couple;  mountain biking every day after work, camping every weekend of the summer.  Countless music festivals and concerts.  Sleeping until 2pm on Sundays.  Fast forward a few years.  We have a house and two small kids and a minivan.  My days are filled with Dora and GeoTrax.  "Vacations" are to kiddie amusement parks.  I haven't been out West or slept past 8am in years.  We go out about once per month, drive to a restaurant in our minivan and come home at 10:00 because we're just too tired to stay out any longer and the kids are going to get up at the same time anyway.  There's no doubt about it:  I am not cool anymore.

What's your coolness level?

Maybe, like me, you used to be cool, perhaps you've never felt very cool, or you might still be rocking it.  Wherever you are on the coolness scale, we've got something for you.  Our funny, unique shirts and hats make great gifts for 40th birthdays (or any birthday). Going on a girlfriends' getaway or "mancation"?  Mix and match shirts as a fun way to identify your group. Our "I used to be cool" shirt is funny on a husband whose wife is wearing the "I'm still cool" shirt.  Do you have a formerly hip friend who is pregnant and now obsessed with diaper pails and infant carriers?  Give her a "My mom used to be cool" shirt for her baby.  Do you know a dad who used to play golf on Sundays and now spends his weekends at Gymboree for birthday parties?  "My dad used to be cool" would be a funny shirt to get his kid.  Did your best friend just give in and get a minivan?  We have a shirt for that--"I used to be cool... now I drive a minivan", and a sticker-- "I will never drive a minivan".   Our shirts are perfect for groups of friends at class reunions, you and your siblings at your family reunion, or just to laugh at yourself.





The fun stuff: Photo Gallery and Playlists

Check out our photo gallery for some really funny 80s hair and fashion. We'd love to post your most uncool (or cool) picture.  Our playlists section gives ideas for music compilations to rock your next party or to get you through your workout.

Gift Ideas:

-40th birthday shirts (or 30th, 50th, 60th or anything in between)
-Valentine's gift for your sweetheart "I'm still cool" or "I will always be cool"
-Minivan purchase sympathy gift
-Coordinate shirts for a girls' trip
-Shirt for your brother who used to be in a band and is now changing diapers: "My dad used to be cool"
-Baby shower gift "My mom used to be cool"
-Present for a formerly cool "empty nester" who now can't stop talking about their grandkids:  "My grandma/pa used to be cool."

Our Logos:

-I used to be cool.
-I'm still cool.
-I've never been cool.
-I used to think I was cool.
-I will always be cool.
-I used to be cool... Now I drive a  minivan.
-I used to be cool...now I'm 40.
-I'm still cool at 40.
-My dad used to be cool.
-My mom used to be cool.
-My grandma used to be cool.
-My grandpa used to be cool.
-I will never drive a minivan.
-beta mom


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