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I Used to be Cool
Shannon Jones
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About the Owner

My identity used to be tied to all of the cool things that I did and to my freedom. I didn’t get married until I was 34, so I had lots of time to do whatever I wanted…and did! I skydived and bungeed and rock climbed. I moved wherever my mood took me. Texas for cowboys, Colorado for skiing, California because, well, it’s California. I never had any money, but I always made enough to live on—and get me to the next destination. One winter I moved to Florida pulling my motorcycle on a trailer with no job and $300 to my name because I wanted to be warm. And I did just fine. I was a waterski instructor in my early twenties, and then became a teacher, so my commitment periods never extended beyond 10 months. In 1995 I filed four different state tax returns. I even lived in Costa Rica for a year. So you see, I was pretty cool.

Then I decided to move back to Louisville b/c my parents are here and I like them, and b/c my extended family and a lot of my friends are here and I like them. And there are really good lakes, did I mention the waterskiing? Then I met my husband who was, and still is, very cool. So we got married, got a mortgage, got pregnant, and the rest is history. Two pregnancies in two years was a big hit to my self-image. The hardest (and admittedly, funniest) part was selling my Ford F-150 and buying a minivan. There is absolutely no way on this earth to feel hip or sexy or cool driving a minivan. But they are a godsend when you have little kids, and I wouldn’t even think of trading it in right now. When I got my van my friends were making fun of me and I protested, “I used to be cool!” I had a bumper sticker made to let people know that I’m not proud to drive a minivan. It gets a lot of laughs, and I’ve learned that not all van drivers are geeks whose life ambition was to have a soccer sticker in the back window. It just sort of happens…and that van sure is practical…


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